Power Breezer O2

Patented, Rugged, Innovative – The Power Breezer O2 Cooling Advantage 

The patented Power Breezer technology is based on jet propulsion technology and delivers targeted cooling where you need it most – where your people are!  The Power Breezer series of mobile products are designed for spot cooling spaces where air conditioning is impractical.


Perfect for industrial, manufacturing or outdoor areas, the Power Breezer O2 provides cooling comfort via nature’s process in the greenest and most reliable way.  This energy-efficient, industrial unit uses the natural process of evaporation with a new spin of our patented atomization process. Water is smashed into micro-droplets resulting in a fine mist that doesn’t get you or your equipment wet.

Our revolutionary cooling technology solves common challenges due to heat including:

  • Lost Productivity

  • Increased Mistakes and Loss of Quality

  • Increased Safety Incidents

  • Higher turnover and Absenteeism

The O2 unit is designed for smaller spaces or where you have a smaller space to locate your unit.  The Power Breezer O2 cools where no one else can but are green, efficient and sustainable. Please review the specifications tab for additional details. All units are backed by our 2 Year Warranty